Akodo Yuzan

Wizened old Karo for Kurogane-Hana


Yuzan is an ancient looking bald samurai. He has a comforting aura, he talks slowly and his words are kind, true and wise. His face is wrinkled and weather beaten from long campaigns in his youth.

The old man hobbles now, and requires a walking stick to help him move around. He also hunches over a little, his spine protruding from his back.


He grew up with Ikoma Juro from the age of 15. They both did their gempukku at the same time and grew a firm friendship from this early stage in life. If Juro is considered the heart of the lion clan at 3 points, Yuzan was certainly the brain. Due to the prowess of Juro he rose quickly in the ranks of the lion, always bringing his faith companion up with him.

Yuzan was a brilliant strategist and would advise Juro in how to combat the unicorn and scorpion in each battle. When Juro was made the daimyo of Kurogane-Hana Yuzan was quickly elevated to the important role of Karo.

Akodo Yuzan

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