Moto Ree

Unicorn delegate with a warm dispostion


Ree is a wiry, sharp featured man in his mid 30s. His hair is dark, thick and unfashioned. He is incredibly hairy for a Rokugani, his forearms are matted with thick dark hair.

His dress sense is not common in Rokugan either. He sports a lot of furs; a fur hat when he is outside, fur lined boots amongst other such items. However his clan colours are always on show (Unlucky for him thats pink the bender)


Moto Ree is a warm and affable man, with some bizarre behavours. He enjoys to eat red meat, especailly if he was the one to hunt the beast. He will at times sit too close or stand too close to another Rokugani for their comfort. He is loud and boasterous, and will even go as far as friendly back slapping if he has been in his cups.

This has caused the already uneasy relationship with the Unicorn even more strained, for which karo Akodo Yuzan is most upset with. Yuzan feels Ree has been sent here as an insult, sending a warrior to do the task of a courtier shows a lack of respect to the lion clan.

Ree struck up a firm, if quick, friendship with Hida Ta-dai. Ta-dai being a lot more customed to the strange customs of the unicorn clan.

Moto Ree

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