Young ronin scholar


Natsuko is a beautiful ronin scholar employed by Ikoma Juro for her skill of divination. She is often seen with a map of the stars as her area of interest is divination, which she draws from the stars. Her eyes are of a dark colour, as is her hair. She moves with an air of grace, but clearly lacking the formal training of professional courtiers.

She is courtesy but incredibly shy, seemingly enjoying the company of her books and scrolls more than people. She is often seen with her aide, Hisao.


Natsuko’s parents were both ronin, having been dismissed for failure of duty to their dragon daimyo, formed with other ronin a bandit group which was successful for a long time preying on the trade from the trade routes of the lion.

It was in this group she met her protector and confidant Hisao. Hisao was a little older than her, but incredibly gifted with an Ono even at such a young age. When Ikoma Juro‘s war party finally caught up with the ronin group, Ikoma Juro saw this young boy barely 15 years old cut down 2 well trained samurai with his brutal ono before being captured. Ikoma Juro was so impressed by the young man’s courage, he spared his life and that of the little girl he fought so hard to protect.

They were both taken back to Kurogane-Hana to be trained. Natsuko was a fine academic student. After a few short years she surpassed anyone else in the castle in the field of divination and took on the mantle as the chief diviner.


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