A battle scarred ronin


Kiri-Kawa stands at 5’5’’ tall, and has a lean figure. His face and body is covered in scars, but his demeanour is often light and jovial.

He is usually unkempt, with his clothes threadbare and his hair in a constant state of dishevelment. He actions are measured and smooth, a life led under constant scrutiny of the higher echelons of the buke class.


How he became a ronin is unknown to you, however you do it has been a long time since his fall from grace. He has settled into his role as best he can without following down the path of banditry like so many other wave man have. He maintains his honour for his own sake, as most samurai disregard him or are outright hostile towards him.

He has earned his money working for all the 3 daimyos Daimyo Bayushi Midoru, Khatun Moto Kuma and Daimyo Ikoma Juro. He is well thought of by all 3 daimyos, for different reasons.

The unicorn admire his scouting expertise and knowledge of the 3 points and the surrounding area.

The lion admire his ferocity in combat, tempered by a morale and honourable code of conduct that is closely in line with their own.

The scorpion treasure the qualities the other clans admire of his, but most importantly he is a cheap, resourceful and ultimately disposable asset.


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