Soshi Mitso

Mitso is a lean man with a serious demeanour


He has dark hair, which flows freely down to his shoulders. He sports a veil that hangs down over nose covering much of his face. His eyes seem to be cold and calculating, his movements are fast but considered.

His words always seem effortlessly well measured, dripping from his tongue like honey. He tends to always know the right words to say at the right time to evoke the reaction he wishes from his subject.

He comports himself with a lot of a grace and poise, although his hand seems to drift to the hilt of his katana fairly often.


Mitso is another of a long line of successful scorpion magistrates. He won the topaz championship, right after he became a emerald magistrate.

He became a Justicar soon after, feeling secure in his use of the sword and investigation skills. This allows him a great deal of independence to carry out his duties.

He appeared all of a sudden in Kurogane-Hana, without warning or invitation, for reasons unknown to you. He has claimed the scorpion and the empire require his presence in this small castle. His status within the kuge (the samurai cast) is such that this raises many eyebrows, and also the ire of Ikoma Juro. Ikoma Juro doesn’t trust this affable but calculating scorpion in his court without the appropriate courtesy is required.

Soshi Mitso

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