Ikoma Juro

Lion clan daimyo of Kurogane-Hana


Ikoma Juro is a large (5’10’’) fat samurai, his grey hair is shaven on top and the rest is tied into a top knot. His face is sagging and wrinkled, he sports a very thick long grey mustache.

Juro still has the broad shoulders, a vestige of his younger years. He still has the obvious minor mannerisms of his sword days; his ungracious walk and inelegant hand movements.


Juro was a reknown warrior back when he was a young soldier. It is boasted by many lions in court that he was unmatched in skill of arms! He certainly was fearless and skilled but he was also hot tempered and reckless. Finding defeat only a handful of times when he took to the field as commander, leading by shining example; the fearless lion.

Juro is now an aged warrior with the heart and mind out of sync with the rest of his failing body. His old battle wounds can have him bed-bound for far longer than anyone from the lion clan would want.

His mind is also plagued by the murder of his wife by an assasin and the lost of his son in the fallen copper mine now known as ‘Ōpun haka’ (‘Open grave’). Also the unexpected justicar Soshi Mitso appearing at his castle is also applying unwanted pressures.

Akodo Yuzan now attends to most the running of the province to ease the strain on his old companion, Juro is preparing to retire and take his loyal companion with him to a well deserve rest.

Ikoma Juro

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